Weekly dance classes for all levels. Come along and learn how to dance with style!

The Glasgow Swing Dance Society is the place to learn Lindy Hop. Learn the original Hollywood Style, alongside Charleston and jazz!

But remember, you learn to dance on the dance floor, so come along and party with us too!

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Join us for our weekly classes:

No classes on Wednesday 18th September. Our New Beginner’s block begins on 25th September with Beginner’s and Improver’s Lindy Hop.

Wednesday in the Drawing Room at the Glasgow University union 
19:00-19:15 Beginner Preparation
19:15-20:10 Lindy Hop – All-Levels
20:10-20:40 Social Dance
20:40-21:40 Solo Jazz
21:40-22:00 Social Dance

Also check out the events page here or the Facebook page – linked below – for further information on Lindy Hop, solo jazz and Charleston workshops.

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No experience or partner required.
Wear comfy shoes.


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